PhD Scholarships in Business Communication – University of Aarhus, Denmark

Several Fully-funded PhD Scholarships in Business Communication / Corporate Communication at the Department of Management, University of Aarhus, Denmark

The PhD programme in Business Communication is part of Aarhus BSS Graduate School The graduate school holds the distinguished AACSB and EQUIS accreditations <> and encompasses a wide range of academic disciplines, outstanding research environments, and strong degree programmes.

The PhD programme in BusinessCommunication encompasses, but is not necessarily limited to, such fields of study as: corporate communication, management communication, strategic communication, organizational communication, marketing communication, HR communication, branding, PR communication, financial communication, crisis communication, change communication, stakeholder communication, CSR communication, organizational knowledge communication and related areas.


The PhD programme in Business Communication is looking for candidates who have demonstrated academic excellence in a programme-relevant Master’s degree, who have a programme-relevant project idea, and who have a passion for conducting cutting edge research. **


The PhD programme in BusinessCommunication accepts applications for full-time, fully-funded PhD positions twice a year: i.e. *March 15 – April15*and*September 15 – October 15. *All applications must go through this website:


Candidates admitted into the programme will receive a scholarship from Aarhus University. These scholarships cover both pay and other approved expenses incurred in connection with a student’s PhD studies (e.g. supervision, courses, travelling, assessment etc.). PhD students will receive salary  pursuant to the applicable rules of Aarhus University as well as the relevant agreement between the Ministry of Finance and the Danish Confederation of Professional Associations (AC):

*Additional Information*

I you are interested in pursuing a PhD career in the Business Communication programme at Aarhus University, please visit the programme website contact Research Coordinator Vibeke Vrang <>for further information.

If you already have a project idea and are looking for academic sparring prior to applying, please contact Head of Programme Peter Kastberg <>.