CFP – Participatory Art & Digital Culture | Deadline: April 15th 2017

In this special issue of Critical Arts we aim to explore participatory art practices that specifically engage with technology and digital media. There has been a growing body of art that focuses on social practices, networks and processes as constituting the artwork itself. This implies that the events that facilitate social interaction and cultural encounter are variously seen as the actual art practice (Siegenthaler 2013). However, because contemporary media culture is characterized by participation, interaction, immersion and collaboration, art practices are challenged to move beyond a “mere” adoption of new technologies. There is a need to explore how technologies are also changing our experience of place, conceptions of intimacy, co-presence and interaction, and to generate new understandings of technological mediation as a feature of social relations (Beaulieu, 2010; Hjorth and Sharp 2014).

We invite papers from researchers, theorists and artists to engage critically with how technology, media and networks open up new avenues to develop practices that examine place and locality, community and communication, interaction and intimacy, proximity and distance, creation and co-creation. Papers can also focus more broadly on the impact of digital technologies on art today, for example by exploring the creative and participatory practices that are made possible by artists working with technology or by collaborations between artists, scientists and technological experts, focusing for example on robotics, virtual/ augmented reality, immersive media or game technology (Gardiner and Gere 2010, Gronlund 2016). Next to full research papers we also invite contributions that can serve as vignettes – short statements and reflections by artists about their practice.

*Submission guidelines*

– Deadline for abstracts: Please send your abstracts of 300 words by April 15th 2017 to <>.
– Notification of selected abstracts by: May 15th 2017.
– Deadline for article submission: based on the selection of the abstracts full papers will need to be submitted by: August 15th 2017.
– Information and instructions for authors:

All completed manuscripts MUST be uploaded onto the online manuscript portal Scholar One. Go to Critical Arts on the Taylor and Francis site. There is an option on the top left pane of the screen that says ‘submit’, select this then click ‘submit online’ and follow the prompts.

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Guest editor: Kris Rutten
Editorial consultant: Leora Farber