CFP: Traditional to Digital symposium | Deadline: 15 October 2017

The International Media Research Symposium: From Traditional to Digital (IMRS) is calling for papers. Organized by Ege University / Antalya AKEV University, the event will be held in İzmir, Turkey 10-11 May 2018.

“IMRS aims to provide a scientific platform for sharing and discussion in the fields of traditional and digital media with participants from different countries. At the same time, the symposium offers opportunities to learn about contemporary developments in media research, research methods, digital applications, and research models within the contexts of traditional and digital media. The symposium is bilingual, and papers can be presented either in English or Turkish”, the original call states.

Media Economy and Media Politics

  • Media and Politics
  • Media and Environment
  • Development and Transformation of Journalism
  • Principles of Ethics and Law in Media

Sociology of Media

  • Media and Social Movements
  • Media and Violence
  • Media and Gender
  • Media and Freedom of Expression
  • Media and Education
  • Digital Games
  • Media Literacy
  • Media and Children

Media and the ‘Other’

  • Media and Representation of Minorities
  • Representation of the Disabled in the Media
  • Media and Discrimination

Media and Visual Communication

  • Photography
  • Visual Communication Design
  • Dramaturgy in Visual Arts
  • Scenography
  • Animation

Media and Ideology

  • Media and the Culture of Fear
  • Media and Audience Research
  • Intertextuality and Media
  • Stereotypes in the Media
  • Media and Religion

New Media

  • New Media and Art
  • Technology and Space in Traditional and New Media
  • Privacy and Security in the New Media

Documentary Films

  • Traditional Documentaries
  • Television Documentaries
  • Documentaries in the Digital Space Radio Broadcasting from Past to Present

Deadline for the submission of abstracts is 15 October 2017.

Read more from the symposium website.