Ana Margarida Barreto no XV IBERCOM

Com uma comunicação sob o título “Understanding blood donation by examining the effect of framing messages, individual and social-based facts”, Ana Barreto participará no próximo XV Congresso Internacional IBERCOM, a ter lugar na UCP, em Lisboa, 16 a 18 de novembro de 2017.


This paper aims to test whether it is possible to stimulate social behavior by applying framing theory, proposed by prospect theory, and to undertand which of the different proposals of explanation for the occurrence of pro-social behavior (attribution theory, social learning, theory of self-perception, social norms, altruism and empathy) can better “predict” pro-social behavior.

Two framed messages were developed (loss-framed and gain-framed messages) and presented to 138 university students, who after answered an online survey to measure their personality traits with respect to the above theories.

According to these findings, when altruism and social responsibility scores increase there’s an increase of the odds that the respondent would not donate blood. On the other hand, people with highest social influence score are six times more likely than those with lowest social influence score to donate blood, which stress the importance social support has on pro-social behavior. The remained variables did not add significantly to the prediction, namely framing messages (gain vs. loss) had no significant main effect on blood donation intention.